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The Claim “Obamacare Will Get Fixed”

Many of the supporters of Obamacare claim that it will get “fixed”.  The website issues will be addressed.  (The cost of which will not be seriously considered).  Enrollment in the plan will expand.

The plan that caused many existing health insurance policies to be cancelled will be modified to become politically more palatable.  The insurance companies will continue to be vilified for canceling existing customer’s policies regardless of the reasons for doing so.  The disrespect of economic realities (hard to cover the costs of insurance when a provider cannot deny those with preexisting conditions) will not be discussed in any meaningful way.  Unfortunately, it is likely that the government propaganda machine will, over time, win out over the people and with the people’s support or at least because of the peoples’ complacency.

Undoubtedly the website will become operable.  Complaints will become less frequent.  Supporters of Obamacare will claim the naysayers were wrong.  The statists will be vindicated (sarcasm warning).

Make no mistake.  Obamacare will not be “fixed”.  It may run temporarily (due to additional funding taken from other sources).  It may leave the headlines for a time.  The fervor will temper as the next battle comes to the fore.  But Obamacare will not be “fixed” only because it cannot be fixed.  The underlying reason for this is that the use of aggressive force and disrespect for property rights is not sustainable.  And this is what Obamacare is at its core.  It is the redistribution of wealth by threat of force.  It is theft.  It is the destruction of wealth.

It will be necessarily “fixed” again and again and again.  It will be an ongoing battle.  I have seen this before.  See campaign finance reform.  See social security.  See Medicare.  It is an inescapable truth that these programs, like the state itself are doomed to fail.  The battle of rhetoric may subside as politicians find it no longer politically expedient to continue the argument against Obamacare.  But the fate of all of these programs and the state are undeniable.


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